This site provides resources for international ESL/EFL teachers, to safeguard English for:
Global Communication and International Cooperation

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Interview with Leona

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Malcolm Veitch, (ANJIZ Supervisor, Foundation Institute, UNizwa: Interview with Leona on Basic ESL/EFL Considerations  


Our aim is to safeguard English, as the world’s bridge language (lingua franca). Peace and survival depend on accurate communication among the people on this planet; not just the elite who can afford private schools or have family and financial backing, but everyone who has something to contribute. 

We aim to make English easy, fun and accessible to all people who want to join the global community; the creative dreamers who want to have a voice; those who want peace, harmony and sustainability on the planet and those who really understand the meaning of working together for the good of all.

Worldwide communication through English–the universal bridge language!



Are you struggling with grammar? Do you find English too difficult? Do you worry about standard exams? Do you worry about scholarships, jobs, etc? Are you shy about speaking and writing? Are you afraid you can’t meet global standards?  


Do you struggle with school requirements? Must you cope with oversized classes? Are you overloaded with contact hours? Are your textbooks boring and ineffective? Do you have to teach to the test? Do you wonder who stole the fun out of teaching?


Like it or not, English is the bridge language (lingua franca) which leads science, technology, entertainment and education. People all over the world want English for global competence. But mastery requires precision and accuracy. Minimum communication skills are not enough for competency. Meanwhile the need for English keeps growing. In fact there are purportedly more people learning English than  English speakers! 

I wanna learn English and be like you man-cub

Teaching so many people is a huge task! In fact the demand is so great that teachers from all walks of life or professions are jumping on the bandwagon to teach English, while enjoying traveling and learning about new cultures.

These teachers may be native speakers but may not have a background in linguistics. They may not understand how second languages are acquired. They may not be able to convey what they know about their own language to speakers of other languages. It may not be as easy as they thought.

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Learners are often terrified of English! They may resort to cheating or plagiarizing to pass requirements. They often enter university to find their proficiency is way below expected standards. Their scant mastery of the language threatens to keep them from jobs, scholarships, graduation and therefore: global competence. They suddenly find that they have to sink or swim when they can barely tread the water.

Students long to be accurate; not make mistakes; understand where their language went wrong. Teachers long to help them but often don’t know how to do so, or how to correct their repetitive errors. Standard systems seem to be failing students to different degrees worldwide, especially students who are from remote areas or are less privileged.


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“Let’s Grab the Lingua Franca by the Roots”