Non-Attachment: A Vital Step toward Self-Realization

How Much Are You Willing to Let Go Of?

Let go of what you don’t need to entrap

Attachments bind us to dualism and therefore the physical plane, yet they are hard to let go of. Do your preferences for certain foods, friends, people, hold you back from your spiritual journey?

We must wonder if the things we are not attached to are equally worthy of existing and equally worthy of love as those we are attached to. 

Take 10 minutes, close your eyes and get comfortable. Visualize someone you hate, dislike or are resentful with. Hold that person in your mind’s eye. Send him or her the love and blessings you imagine the creator sends equally to all things and beings.¬†Send him or her the love and blessings you wish for your best friends. Without judgements about that which you really don’t know, see him/her as simply a person–one of God’s creations. Envelope that person in a cloud of love, abundance and safety.

Even if you cannot forgive or love that person, send him/her all the blessings you would wish upon yourself.


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