Seven Pasta Serving Tips for Home Cooking

Serve Pasta Like a Pro at Home
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You don’t want one of your guests to get served while the others are waiting!

Nothing is worse than serving the main course to one guest and having the other guests wait 20 minutes for theirs! Here are six serving tips to help you serve everyone at the same time whether it is pasta or not:

1. My granny’s pasta sauce takes hours to prepare so I portion it out in one person servings and keep it frozen. If the sauce is made with meatballs I put two balls in each portion. If you don’t have enough containers for this, use small sandwich bags and use a good ladle full for each portion. When it’s time to prepare my pasta dinner I take out the portions I need and thaw them out ahead of time. No guessing. I know just how many pasta dinners I have in the freezer and how many guests I can invite.

2. Prepare and portion out all the ‘cold’ stuff you want to include with your dinner. This can be put in serving bowls and set it aside (salad/dips/sliced raw veggies).

3. Cook pasta ‘al dente’.One regular package of spaghetti serves almost three portions.  Stir pasta occasionally while you cook so it doesn’t stick together in clumps. As soon as it is done, run cold water on it so it doesn’t get soggy! Drain and keep it in the strainer until you are almost ready to serve.  Always keep a kettle of hot water ready or use an electric instant hot water kettle. When you are about to serve pour hot water on the pasta to warm it for serving. 

Keep all their food warm until serving time

4. Additionally have a pan with hot water simmering and stack additional foods that you want to serve with that dinner which may take a long time to prepare (garlic bread/patties/diced/veggies/soups). Stacking these foods on a pot of simmering water keeps them warm. This is a ‘warming’ plate while you prepare the rest of the dinner. 

5. Before serving, pour hot water on plates so the plate helps keep the food warm.

6. Have your table all set before the food gets served (that is why restaurants do it this way).

7. Have glasses set on table and drink in a pitcher so they can serve themselves before their food arrives or serve a basket of the garlic bread ahead of time. This is also how restaurants do it and it helps people put something in their mouth before dinner comes. 

Those are your seven tips from the food nerd

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