The Food Nerd on Categorizing Food

Are You Categorizing Your Food Correctly?
The Food Nerd Series

Categorize Your Food

Just thinking! Most Doctors and nutrition experts will agree on basic food categories which I’m sure you are all quite familiar with.

If you are ‘vegetarian‘ however, you start modifying the allowable categories. You might start by cutting out red meat but allowing chicken, fish, milk, cheese and eggs. 

If you are ‘vegan‘ you will take it a step further and cut out all animal products.

Draw the line where you will; there may be something you never thought of!  

I first became a food nerd when I was pregnant with my first daughter. I read everything under the sun about health and food. I stopped buying sugar and used only whole grains. I even had a stone grinder to grind additional grains into my homemade wholewheat bread. I was the best customer at the health food store and my kids thought I was a nut. But they were all healthy!

Then I went to Costa Rica and took a wonderful seminar at the ‘International Biogenic Society’ which really changed my underlying beliefs about food and how to categorize it.

This was later reinforced at the Isha Yoga Center in India where I did yoga workshops. I would like to share this food view with you because it is a real eye opener. It helps you view food differently. Food, ike everything, has a living vibration. In India this vibration is called ‘prana‘ or ‘life force‘.  

Dr. Edmund Bordeaux Szekely who started the Biogenic Society’ in Costa Rica categorized food into four areas as follows:

  • Biogenic: life renewing – germinated cereal seeds, nuts; sprouted baby greens.
  • Bioactive: life sustaining – organic, natural vegetables, fruit.
  • Biostatic: life slowing – cooked, stale foods (but legumes must be cooked after sprouting first).
  • Biocidic: life destroying – processed, irradiated foods and drinks.
Life Giving Foods

The question to ask yourself when buying food:

Is this food renewing, sustaining, slowing down, or destroying my life energy?


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