10 Easter Treats in Dals-Ed, Sweden

A Witch Is a Witch is a Lovable Witch

A Kid Is a Kid Is an Elegant Kid

I’m told it’s not this way all over Sweden but I guess I’m not in Sweden! I’m in Dals Ed, Sweden.
The magic has woven me into its web and I never want to leave this small town, so I’ll just witch my way through. Anything can be expected in this wonderland of reserve forests woven through neighborhoods and
Moms and neighbors are friendly witches
lakes around every corner.  The only way I can describe this festivity is that it’s like a combination of Halloween and Easter with more emphasis on the happy spirit of Easter. It also takes place during Easter week. Here is a brief rundown of events.
  1. Ladies dress up like witches but these are like homey friendly grandma witches
  2. Scarecrow replicas of these awesome witches are propped up outside of some stores
  3. Children dress up as little ladies and gentlemen in formal clothes looking like little adults
  4. The whole week before Easter Sunday children prepare easter drawings of chicks, chickens, rabbits eggs etc.
  5. These drawings are folded into envelopes and filled with candies and chocolates
  6. Each envelope is intended for a certain house and has a creative address written on it for that particular house
  7. Children take the envelope full of candies and knock on the door of the intended house
  8. As soon as someone opens the door, they throw in their present and run away
  9. The person receiving the present chases the giver out of the house ant tries to catch him/her
  10. They all have lots of fun in the preparation, and execution of these Easter presents

I’m happy in Dals Ed, Sweden where witches are lovable and dress comfortably and children both give and receive as well as do lots of creative drawing and preparation for a whole week before the event. On Sunday, with any luck, they get a few great romps in the snow, chasing each other.

There are no mean old October witches in Dals Ed, Sweden.

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