Karma: A Long Stroll toward Self Realization


Karma can grow as a seed

You may have heard karma described as ‘Cause and Effect’.
You may have heard it described as payback for your actions.
You may have heard it described as payback for your thoughts.
You may have heard it described as generational payback for what you did not do. 

The law of cause and effect undoubtedly functions in the physical world; why wouldn’t we assume it’s the same in the non-physical?

If you spit in the air, the spit will fall right back on your face. If you insult someone, that person may not insult you but somebody else will. If you do a good deed for someone that person may never even thank you, but somebody else will do a good deed for you. What you need to remember is that Karma may not come back to you immediately. In fact, you may not be around when it does or you may be in another form.  


Every wish and even every fear you plant wants to come back to you in some way or another, sooner or later. If you nurture that wish or fear it stays alive and keeps trying to come back to you. If you don’t nurture it, it may dry up and crumble away.

It is important to plant good wishes and good thoughts but some seeds are slow growing and may take generations to come back. They may not even come back to you as you are now. They may come back to your progeny or to you, in a different form. 

A ‘seed‘ wish can’t help but try to germinate. A wish is a cause that sets up an effect. Go down memory lane and consider the seeds your parents planted that never blossomed. You may now be harvesting many of their wishes or achieving things they were never able to do. Plant your deepest wishes, water them daily with your love and know that they will come back. It may not be until your children’s or even your grandchildren’s lifetime. The seed will blossom when it is ready even if you feel it is taking too long. 

Remember that the slowest seeds often give the best fruit.

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