Five Vital Factors in Multi-Dimensional Shifting


Costa Rica


Was it the time? The place? Or just the fact that I’d been doing my homework for so many years that I was finally able to make the leap?

I can’t say that I’m totally there yet, because getting into a new dimension is like taking off on a plane. You’re taxying on the ground, hitting the bumps and grinds as you begin the take off. Then there is a slight ascent. But hang on, you may hit the ground a few times before you really take off into a glide. The lifts are enough however, to know that the other dimension is a possibility or a new awareness that can become a new life habit. Once this door has been opened up to you you will never be the same

And NO, I was not on any tropical drug or magic mushroom during the experience. I think it is was just my time to make a shift.  

Explaining this to someone who has not experienced it is very difficult as it is like talking to a wall or someone who may judge you as insane. It is very hard to reconcile hard core reality as we know it with this new dimension which is a sort of ‘non-reality’ that must be accepted on trust. What is more, this ‘non-reality’ is closer to the truth than the reality we are accustomed to.



Getting there involves letting go of all your belief systems which have meant survival during your whole life and trusting in a higher power that simply knows things will be OK and work out despite your seeing the obstacles on the level you just came from. Temporarily, you will be on both levels at the same time so you must continue dotting the I and crossing the T as it comes along because you are still glued to and thinking from the body’ so to speak. You do your homework but your new awareness knows that doing this is not what will take you where you need to go.


It is in the new dimension where problems are really solved and it does not operate on a logical step by step fashion. In fact you might be inclined to count from 1 to 10 but in the new dimension the counting does not have the same order and your 10 may come along before your two or your three. What I did feel was the power and aliveness of this dimension. The old dimension seemed dull and lifeless in comparison. I was learning to trust what I could not yet see. Without detailing my two month journey in Costa Rica, I want to share the five vital factors that I observed:


  1. Serendipity and miracles happen continuously and simultaneously.
  2. Time and Space collapse in visible and invisible ways.
  3. While dotting the I and crossing the T you learn to trust that the power works for the good of everyone.
  4. Impeccable thinking is a pre-requisite to obtaining and holding onto the new dimension.
  5. Being in its flow marks the beginning of being stress free


  • Serendipity is a given. What you must develop is an awareness and acknowledgement that a miracle is happening right in front of your eyes. Then give thanks for it and follow it to where it is leading you. This means you may have to give up your shyness and hug a stranger or even an old enemy.
  • Vital things you are trying to accomplish in your old dimension crowd in on you simultaneously as you try to dot the I or cross the T quickly. This can be stressful but somehow you manage. While multi-tasking, time and space collapse around you opening the way for new ideas to illuminate your perception. You have to be willing to consider new ideas and jot down what it will take to achieve them even when they take you in a different direction than the one you had planned.
  • Trusting the higher power may seem counterintuitive while you are up against a physical wall. But know you must simply do your part and the higher power will do its part. You will get where you are going, as long as the destination is for the good of all involved.
  • This dimension is a higher manifestation of the creator and only works for the good of everyone involved. Impeccable thinking is a pre-requisite, bringing me to Don Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements. Thoughts and words must be impeccable for the good of all. The power in this dimension is so strong that negative or selfish thoughts could be destructive. For this reason having selfish thoughts will usually keep you out of this dimension. To get there you must form and maintain only thoughts that benefit everyone. Remember Ubuntu – if it is not good for all of us it is not good for any of us.
  • When one places one’s trust in a higher power whose aim is to benefit everyone, stress no longer has a place. As an individual I am no longer alone carrying my own burdens and fighting my own battles and demons. By simply giving my wish to the power whose aim is to benefit all, I can relax. I no longer have to do it all by myself. I no longer have to fight the obstacles or kill the monsters. There is something higher than me, and bigger in me, that is taking care of the details, even when I can’t seem to see results.

I hope this has given you a glimpse of what is involved in shifting dimensions because in order for humanity to move away from chaos into harmony we must all do our homework for everyone’s benefit. One person shifting for his/her own good will not do it. We must shift together for the benefit of all. 

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2 thoughts on “Five Vital Factors in Multi-Dimensional Shifting

  1. Kathleen McGinty

    I cannot tell you how much your experience and words resonate with me at this particular point in my life. You and I seem to be on the same page in many ways as we continue our journeys on this mortal plain. However you have reached a higher point of understanding, letting go, and of course your usual awesomeness is only enhanced by your opening heart and mind with such empowering experiences.

    • Kathy, thank you so much for your kind words! I think a large segment of the population is experiencing this dimensional shift. It is like a huge wave of energy that we have a hard time believing, because we are not accustomed to it. How could we be? It is not in the dimensions we are used to. But we must go with its flow because to do otherwise would be like the butterfly trying to snuggle back into its cocoon. That leaves us facing the unknown. There is so much beyond our grasp that we have to simply know that though our picture has been awesome, it has also been very limiting compared to all that is beyond it! Relax and enjoy the ride!

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