Can We Find ‘Truth’ on a Floor of Porcupine Quills



The black and white dimension we take for granted as truth is like a floor made from the tips of porcupine quills. We think of it as a solid floor. But there is no such thing as a solid floor except through the perception of our limited bodies and minds; the mind and body are fearful about conceiving of anything they cannot see feel, hear, smell or touch. They are fearful of anything that is not solid.

Perched on our ‘truth’

Thinking from the body and mind is remaining in a black and white dualistic perception or what we consider the third dimension. If we are to shift dimensions we must stop believing that only clean unalterable facts with sizes and shapes are the truth, even though our laws, rules and judgements are based on these facts. These facts may even scream at us as we dance on the tips of truth believing only what we can see and believe to be solid.

If we want to shift dimensions we must step outside of the box or let the box dissolve by not making assumptions about anything we see as a fact. In my experience I did not step out of the box but suddenly found myself out of it. I was simply shown the other dimension and instinctively knew it to be true. I also realize that stepping out is one of the hardest things to do.

After all it is undeniable that if you step in front of a speeding truck you will get killed!

Sure death of the body.

So we base our decisions on this black and white dimension, for the sake of survival. First of the body and second of our perception of truth. This is the easy route. It is hard to believe in what one cannot see.

We disregard the fact that this visible dimension and all its facts are not tuned into higher realities.  If you took a magnifying glass to these black and white ‘facts’ you would find they are not really black and white. Their roots and their source have all the unknown colors and nuances of the universe and the creator or the primordial cause. These cannot be labeled.

Our five senses are miraculous and wonderful but almost brutish compared to finer tuned perception. They are simply there to protect our physical bodies. And the mental interpretation of these ‘facts’ is equally blunt as it is also based on the corporal senses.

But if we cannot look beyond the body and its borders, we ware blinded

This limitation also reflects on our mind and our emotions. Thinking spiritually, if an emotional trauma were running full speed toward us and we stepped in its way it would still run us over even though there would be no blood to show we had been run over. We are like dancing robots proclaiming the truth we see on the tips of the quills; knowing that in a a court of law this would be accepted as true.

The truth as we understand it is tied in with the body, our five senses, and survival


Like robots, we maneuver without knowing the force that really moves the tips we confidently dance on. As we shift dimension however, we start wondering what moves those tips. We begin looking down their shafts at the creative force that drives them. We wonder what created them in the first place and why.  What is the core creative force that moves them?


This is the big question we really need to ask. Without the creative source for the surface we dance on, there would be no surface, no facts and no body to keep alive. Yet we cannot let go of the body. Like a glove it is something we put on when we are born that allows us to maneuver within and around the physical world.

Realization is going beyond what we can see in order to trust what we cannot see.

To understand what lies underneath the floor we move on we only have to look at the dimension we do understand, our black and white dualistic dimension. Of and by itself it is such a precise miraculous work of art that we would only have to lose one of our senses to understand how lost we would feel outside this dimension. If this is only the physical dimension and it is a fraction of what is there, then all that is is beyond is amazing and miraculous. I think it is time to put our faith in miracles.

We can only credit the creator with infinite power wisdom and ability to create multiple dimensions. Once we realize that mere survival on the planet is perfect we will realize the creator has infinite power to have also created dimensions beyond simple survival. These dimensions are also perfect! 

At this point there is only the possibility of taking a leap of faith and putting our trust in the creator, just to understand we are only seeing the tip or grossest part of any one thing. This realization will take us away from the black and white world of the senses. Only TRUST can keep us there.

When I found myself out of the box I was constantly bombarded with both dimensions, but the mere sight and awareness of a dimension beyond the one I was accustomed to, gave me the trust and faith that things were being taken care of and were operating, beyond what I could see. It was a huge relief knowing I was not really in the hands of the black and white but rather under the guidance and control of something much larger.

The black and white, and the force guiding it, are one and the same thing. They are not enemies but friends melding together.






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  1. Professor John D Haynes

    This is most appropriate and well researched and written!!

    “People all over the world are starting to wake up”!!!

    Professor John D Haynes

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