Rishikesh Bios; An Accident Takes Emilio From Torero to Yogi


When Emilio Ochoa Gonzales was growing up in Mexico his greatest
role model was his grandfather who was a bull fighter. Emilio wanted to be a bullfighter just like his grandfather so when he grew up that is what he became.

Professional risks of Bull Fighting

To perfect his trade he went to Spain to study the art of bullfighting. He became a very proficient bullfighter going on to work in Spain, Portugal and France before coming back to Mexico, his home country. I asked him if he had ever suffered an injury bullfighting to which he answered, “Three.” The last of his three injuries was to his coccyx which pretty much meant the end of his bullfighting career.

Back in Mexico his sister was an avid yoga enthusiast and she encouraged him to practice yoga as therapy for his injury. Emilio tried it out and recuperated his spinal movements but he did not go back to bull fighting. He became so enamored with yoga that he practiced constantly and tried many different forms of yoga and meditation until he became expert enough to teach yoga.

When I met him he had been teaching yoga for 16 years and had decided to come to Rishikesh to take intensive yoga classes and perfect his teaching. In case you did not realize it Rishikesh is the YOGA Capitol of the world. So he was definitely in the right place! The long and the short of it was that he made the big swing from being a bullfighter to a yoga teacher. Sometimes we have to be very grateful for our accidents!

Good going to Emilio in Rishikesh where his dreams are blossoming and taking on more power.


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