Near Death Experience – Saved by a Dracaena Massageana fragans


‘Since my near death experience I’ve adopted a new attitude toward plants and for that matter other sentient and even non sentient beings we share the planet with.’

Does the umbrella leaf know the shelter it is providing?

This is what my anonymous Uber driver told me as he stepped under a big umbrella leaf during a long haul he provided for me recently. He said he had been driving cars commercially for over 20 years, facing all types of driving conditions, weather, terrain and roads.

Can this mask impact our lives in any real way?

As we stopped to take photos of the umbrella leaves and admire the masks at a roadside stand I wondered if these were also sentient and if they might also be able to save one’s life.

I know many people will say it was all just a coincidence but I don’t believe so. We are all too interconnected in ways we don’t understand so no amount of interconnection, love and bonding can be discarded.

I was fascinated by the idea of how a plant could have saved a person’s life. I wondered if something like this glassy mask had sentient powers above and beyond its physical nature. Are the objects that surround us part of a universal life force? I asked the driver to continue his story. 

He recounted that late one rainy afternoon he was driving on a narrow road with lots of curves. He had noticed a certain plant commonly used as a ‘living fence,’ growing along the side of the road.  He crept ahead very slowly because the road had become quite narrow with mud patches and there were steep precipices along the sides. Only these plants seemed to be growing along the edge. 

This plant is known by the common name of Caña India, but its botanical name is: Dracaena Massageana fragans. 

At one point the mud became very slippery and suddenly he started losing control of the car. It slid sideways over to the side of the road. He was dangerously close to the edge so he stopped and got out to examine the position. He was shocked when he saw that the back tire was partly over the edge of the cliff.

The only thing holding it on the road and preventing the car from toppling into the chasm was a Costus Speciosus! 

Shaken, he got back into the car and carefully changed the angle of the wheel to be able to drive back onto the narrow road. Once the wheel was at a better angle he started inching away from the precipice, but he soon realized he could not move ahead any further. Again he got out of the car and saw that the plant was entwined around the wheel in such a way that he couldn’t move further ahead. He knew that he could not get away unless he chopped the plant off of the wheel.

He had a machete with him so he took it out and chopped away the plant. 

As he put the machete back and was ready to drive away to safety, he realized he had had to kill the plant that had saved his life. He felt a wave of remorse and went back to pick up some leaf cuttings to take home.

At home he carefully planted the cuttings which thrived under his care. When these grew he took cuttings from them and started new plants and so on, successively.  This thriving group of offspring from the plant that had been sacrificed, continues to live in his garage along with some other plants. I asked him to send me a picture and here it is:

The life of the mother plant is passed on to the sons and the sons of the sons for generations

If you have had a similar experience please share in the comments area below. Life is much stranger than fiction. 



3 thoughts on “Near Death Experience – Saved by a Dracaena Massageana fragans

  1. Olga Yuri Nardone

    I love this story.

  2. Jorge Luis

    Esta historia es parte de mi vida muy real muy agradecido con Dios y con las plantitas que estaban exclusivas para salvarme y no irme al precipicio en agradecimiento con ellas las tengo en mi casa dándole un cuidado especial y cuidándola

  3. LeonaWellington

    Bellissimo testimonio Jorge! Se nececitan mas personas agradecidas como usted!

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