Is there a Purpose for Some Dogs to Adopt Some People


Such an adorable fur ball! Max was just about the cutest Alaskan Malamute puppy Dr. Alejandro Moya, an emergency room physician, had ever seen. He bought him on the spot! What he didn’t realize was that Max was the runt in his litter. At first the puppy seemed perfectly normal but it wasn’t long before he noticed that Max couldn’t run like other dogs. In fact it wasn’t long before Max couldn’t even walk.  

Alarmed, Dr. Moya took him to the vet and found that Max had been born with a congenital bone deformity in his hip bone. What’s more the vet said he wouldn’t live long as he most assuredly had other congenital defects.

There were two options: to put him down, or perform bone surgery on him. 

Dr. Moya was in a quandary. He knew that if he returned the puppy, he would surely be put down. He didn’t have the heart to see that happen so he chose the expensive surgery. Little did he realize at the time that Max had another mission to fulfill besides having the new lease on life which allowed him to carry on like a normal dog.

He ate, drank and played like a puppy until one day Dr. Moya had to go to an international medical conference. He would be gone for  10 days. so he took Max to his mother’s house to be cared for while he was gone.  

Guradian of the lady in the chair

Nobody realized that Max’s purpose was to care for someone rather than be cared for. Dr. Moya’s 94 year old grandmother who lived with his mother, Flor Moya, was the one to be cared for.

Despondent since she had had a stroke, Doña Margarita sat in a her wheelchair, no longer able to do the household duties she had been accustomed to doing all her life. The Sparkle was gone from her eyes until Max arrived to put it back in as he assumed his new duty as a guardian angel.

A chair to provide mobility

Doña Margarita was prim and proper. She liked dogs but they had to be kept  outdoors where they belonged. They were not to climb on furniture or beds.   

But Max was not an ordinary dog, he was her guardian angel. When he jumped up on her bed she welcomed the fur ball and they established a bond that surpassed ordinary human/dog friendship. He seemed mindful of her very thoughts and guarded her space unceasingly.

One day Doña Margarita had been moved to an armchair when a visitor came to see her. The visitor, seeing the wheel chair empty, sat in it to visit while chatting with her host.

Max immediately went and sat by the wheel chair watching the visitor with a guarded look, a look very close to a growl. He didn’t budge until the visitor got up and sat somewhere else. The chair was Doña Margarita’s chair and it was his duty to guard it against intruders.

The ten days flew by and soon Dr. Moya returned for Max.

Back with his owner, Max grew despondent, lying around all day he refused to eat or drink for six days. Dr. Moya was alarmed thinking the Vet’s prediction of a short life was coming true. 

After the six days Dr. Moya’s mother and grandmother came to visit and Max was beside himself with joy. Dr. Moya realized that Max wanted to go back with them and take on his guardian angel duties. And so it was that Max came to live with his charge, Doña Margarita.

As soon as he arrived he ate and drank voraciously non-stop, frisking about and licking Doña Margarita’s feet. From that day he resumed his guardian angel duties until the day Doña Margarita died four years later.


Well Doña Margarita’s spirit still remains in the house. After mourning her for several weeks, Max took on the duty of guarding her daughter, Flor Moya and her house and possessions as diligently as he had guarded Doña Margarita. 

Interestingly, before Doña Margarita died, Flor used to take her everywhere in her car. There was no errand or pleasure trip where the near centenarian didn’t go. She loved to feel the breeze on her face and enjoyed new sights or eating at restaurants that Flor would visit. It gave her a sense of pleasure and adventure. 

After she died, Max picked up this adventuresome spirit as if taking on what Doña Margarita had enjoyed the most before she passed. 

Protects kids in the car

Max goes everywhere with Flor and sticks his head out the window to feel the breeze on his face. He guards the car and its riders as if they were Doña Margarita. He is also a guardian angel for little riders and he growls at strangers who get to close to the car. Everybody who sees him, even cars driving alongside, take time to admire him for his beauty and perhaps for the spirit they see in him. He always catches everyone’s attention. 

Since the time of Doña Margarita’s death Max has continued to fulfill his mission as a guardian angel. He has followed his charge after death by giving Doña Margarita a way to continue enjoying the rides as he looks out the car window. He has outlived the vet’s prediction that he would only live a very short life. Max is now six years old. And he has proven that being the runt in the litter not only moved his owner to give him a new lease on life, it also proved that runts and those less privileged, may have noble missions. They may become one of God’s guardian angels. Watch out for them. They come in every shape and size. Beware who you reject or refuse to help. It could be your guardian angel.

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