Meditation on Letting go of Judgement: Vital Step toward Self-Realization

How Willing Are You to Let Go Of Your Judgements?

I once had an employee who was stealing from me. I felt very hurt about it as I had been very kind and generous with her. What should I do about it? I could confront her, fire her or simply meditate on her. At that time I was doing the meditations from A Course in Miracles (which you can download for free here) and  I decided to meditate on her.

I closed my eyes and thought about her. She slowly drifted into my mind’s eye until I could see her very clearly. Suddenly I saw her as if for the first time. And in this vision she was as clean, pure and innocent as a newborn babe. I knew in that moment that what I saw was her real God-given self and it was a self that I felt unconditional love for. Later, I confronted her but it was no longer with a feeling judgement but with a feeling forgiveness and unconditional love. We made amends and the slate was wiped clean because I had gotten a glimpse of her real nature and the pain in her life that had caused her to steal from me in the first place. That was many years ago and to this day I hold her like a dear friend.

Let go of the feelings you don’t need to entrap

Judgements bind us to dualism and therefore the physical plane, where there are so many things that are hard to let go of. This starts with small things that we judge as good or bad including preferences for certain foods, friends and people. But are these preferences and judgements holding you back from your spiritual journey?

It’s hard to let go of judgements when we hold onto so many likes and dislikes? We must wonder if the things we think are bad or the things we dislike are equally worthy of existing and equally worthy of love as those we are attached to.

There is always a lesson to learn both from the good and the bad

Self-realization means being inclusive with everything that exists, both good and bad, in the knowledge that it has a reason for existing. Things we dislike may also be there for the sole purpose of helping us overcome that dislike. Though it is really hard to like our enemies or those who have wronged us, we must step out of ourselves and know  that they were perhaps placed on our path exactly for the purpose of forgiving them and learning a lesson from them. Or perhaps like my old friend they needed the experience of being confronted and forgiven without judgement. I might have also needed the experience of correcting her behavior with love and compassion instead of pain and disappointment.


Take 10 minutes, close your eyes and get comfortable. Visualize someone you hate, dislike or are resentful with. Hold that person in your mind’s eye. Send him or her the love and blessings you imagine the creator sends equally to all things and beings. Send him or her the love and blessings you wish for your best friends. Without judgements about that which you really don’t know, see him/her as simply a person–one of God’s creations. Envelope that person in a cloud of love, abundance and safety.

Even if you cannot forgive or love that person, send him/her all the blessings you would wish upon yourself.


    2 thoughts on “Meditation on Letting go of Judgement: Vital Step toward Self-Realization

    1. I have just recently started meditating again. I only do 5 minute sessions as I want to build up a regular habit with ease.

      I used to meditate every day, up to 30 minutes each time in the morning and afternoon, but you know how it is when you break a habit. It just becomes easy to have another day off and another.

      I have never considered meditating on someone that I feel anger towards. I have someone in mind right now who is making me a bit angry but I always thought the key with meditating was to think of nothing and concentrate on breathing.

      I shall give this a try this evening and see what happens.

      • There are many forms of meditation. The 365 meditations in A Course in Miracles (one a day for a year) will transform your life and you are guided with instructions. It is pretty hard not to think of anything as some say, what you do view your thoughts as if they are floating by in a river. And like you say, some meditation is based strictly on breath control. In all cases it is a powerful practice.

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