Three Fundamental Attitudes to Own Your Grace


Actually you don’t need anything to be in Grace. Even the least deserving and most despicable person is always in grace. Grace has no conditions. It’s the creator’s unconditional love that covers everything and asks nothing in return.

As such we are all equally in grace.

Why then do some people seem to be in the flow of all good, while others are wretched, stumbling  from one mishap to another? 

Grace is a river, providing for all of us, but we may choose not to bathe in it or take advantage of its bounty. It’s our choice if we prefer to live in a parched dessert.

Grace is something we must allow, with our free will. We collaborate with the creator to be in grace.

We are made in the image of our creator, and need to do what we can, to stay in that state of unconditional love where we are in alignment with the creator. 

There are three things we can do to own our grace. If we do these three things we can stay in alignment.

If we neglect to do these things we get out of alignment and bring hardships on ourselves. 

To be in grace and tune into the creator, form these habits:  


Stay ahead of the game. Count the blessings you have been given and the good things others have done for you.

Then ‘pay it forward’. Do random acts of kindness to others. These can be for someone you know or a complete stranger.  Do a good deed, as the creator would do; not because the person deserves what you do and not because the person doesn’t deserve what you do.

They’re already in grace, why should they deserve less from you. 

Such an act of selfless giving, even to the undeserving, will put you in a state of grace with yourself. By knowing you are in grace with yourself, you will be in grace.


We are in force

By Ubuntu I mean the original term not the computer term.

Ubuntu comes from ancient African culture and means: All is One This article says about Ubuntu

“Its aim is to awaken man to the fact that he is one with God and nature and that we are immortal. All of life together with God forms a unified whole in which everything is inter-related, inter-connected and inter-dependent”.

As such, Ubuntu is a fascinating concept. The version I was told was how Ubuntu shocked a group of missionaries in Africa. In fact they were so stunned by what they learned from the children they were sheltering, that they adopted the term, Ubuntu.

The story goes that the children were shown a basket of fruit which was placed at some distance from them. They were told that on the mark of three they must race toward the basket and whoever got there first, would win the basket of fruit.

There is nothing unusual about such a game in a Western culture. In fact our culture is fraught with competition on every level of society. 

The missionaries who initiated this competition were flabbergasted when the children promptly  joined hands and proceeded all together toward the basket of fruit; thereupon claiming it for the whole group. 

When questioned about it, the children said, what was for one of them, was for all of them.

Just as the Creator’s grace is not exclusive to one person, the whole group of children reaching the basket together was a blessing for them all. 

The missionaries left Africa but took the term, Ubuntu,  with them. It profoundly affected them. Despite their Christian upbringing, they still believed that ‘the prize goes to the winner’, the fastest and best runner.

Learning about Ubuntu started a global movement. In fact, I learned the term myself when I took an ‘Ubuntu’ workshop!

Ubuntu shows us that not one of us can really get to the goal while we leave others behind.

Such an act of selflessness, where the good of the group is valued more than the good for oneself, is an act of solidarity that will surely put you in a state of grace with yourself.

By knowing you are in a state of grace, you will be in that state.


Surrender is letting go of control

Can you surrender when you are faced with a desperate situation?

I was once in an accident where I had multiple injuries including breaking my right wrist. I was unable to drive and could barley fend for myself. It was at a time when I urgently needed to do lots of things to maintain my business afloat. I was angry and depressed.

This rage continued for a few days until I realized there was nothing left but to surrender! I brought water, paint, paint brushes and canvases to my bedside and proceeded to do eight paintings in the following days, with my left hand.

That was more paintings than I had done in the past eight years.

In the face of injustice, and seemingly being left behind, surrender brought me a better prize than the one I had been seeking. We can learn to surrender to what is happening or what is being asked of us. It is not necessary to control everything we do. God may have a better plan or way for us to find our own good. The eight paintings started me back on my art path and led to publishing a book of sketches. 

Such an act of surrender to circumstances rather then fighting against them will surely put you in a state of grace with yourself, and by knowing you are in grace, you will be in grace.

Can you see the greater good in these three approaches and how they can pull you into grace?

by giving without expectation, making sure everyone wins, and surrendering your will to a higher power you are pulled into the flow of grace. 


One thought on “Three Fundamental Attitudes to Own Your Grace

  1. Hi Leona,

    I certainly like the idea of Paying It Forward. This kind of makes me think that we should show gratitude to others and for what we have rather than trying to receive thanks or acknowledgement all the time.

    In the last few years I have made efforts to try to show random acts of kindness to others – could be very simple acts but I think it removes us from our own walled-in lives and help to make us show gratitude.

    Thanks for this article Leona. Very nice thoughts.

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