Four Truths I Learned about Fairies and their Purpose

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 Maggie Hamilton

Of course I believe in nature, fairies, and the fourth dimension, but I never felt privileged enough to talk to a tree or see a fairy in the ‘real world’.

This fact suddenly changed after I read ‘Inside the Secret Life of Fairies’ by Maggie Hamilton published by Hay House (2017).

The very next day, I sat on my front porch to admire the tree in the yard as Maggie had suggested spending more time with nature. While looking at the tree in front of me, it suddenly and non-equivocally communicated profound truths to me about itself, it’s wants and needs and areas it wanted changed in the yard. It then went on to tell me deep truths about my own personal life.

My Himalayan Cedar and visiting parrot

This was topped off when a gorgeous red parrot landed on the veranda and stood statue-like in front of me for at least 20 minutes. I thought the bird might be hungry so I put out some food and water but it did not come back to eat. I think it was showing me that nature was there for me, an interesting confirmation, after the tree had given me such explicit personal information! 

Then I thought, “maybe someday, if I’m lucky, I will see a fairy!”  

At this point I was shocked that I had never explored this type of communication before. I loved trees and birds but had not approached them as the mentors they really are. It was Maggie’s book that turned my perception upside down. It’s not a matter of viewing trees as worthy of our love and protection,  but rather viewing ourselves as worthy of receiving their love and protection. If you believe you must communicate with nature in a top to bottom fashion you might be surprised to find out that nature can communicate with you in a top to bottom fashion. And you are on the bottom! 

Knowing nature can teach me rather than me teaching nature was very humbling 

The book shed a new light on the subject for me. Whether she meant it or not, it led me to four insights about the world of fairies: 

  1. We are fairy counterparts, whether we realize it or not.
  2. Fairies are nature’s caretakers, with impeccable responsibilities.
  3. Fairies are multidimensional, having transcended into the 4/5th dimension.
  4. Be grateful, If you see a fairy, you have earned a great privilege.   

This seems like an odd statement given that most humans are far from being fairies. But I realized we need to be like fairies in the material world. Just as fairies care for the natural world, humans should care for their own world. This means caring for their surroundings and the belongings in their own space including home, furnishings, clothes and inanimate objects. If you cannot lovingly care for what you have, you do not deserve to have it. 

It comes back to the popular idea of downsizing, where you only keep what you can handle. Life becomes easier when you can give loving care and attention to what you have instead of all you are trying to keep.

By assuming responsibility for your belongings you can live in harmony with your personal world instead of greedily acquiring more than you can handle or letting your belongings lie fallow in some storage shed, because you own more than you can use or need. 

We must be the fairies and caregivers to all our own belongings  

Maggie explains that fairies have a lifelong responsibility for the natural world. Every tree, flower, blade of grass, and even rocks and mountains have fairies care-taking them. They keep vigil over their charges 24-7 by helping them thrive and by protecting them from harm and pollutants. When their charge dies or is destroyed, they take care of its decay and rotting process so it can return to the earth with dignity.  In other words fairies keep order and harmony in nature.

Emulating fairies permits us to live lovingly with our own earthly responsibilities

If a fairy appears in your perception I believe it means you have stepped into their dimension or frequency. Dr Joe Disperza, Dr Bruce Lipton and many others describe these frequencies. Recently I read one of David Icke’s  books. He gives a beautiful explanation. He says we live in a universe of parallel dimensions each with a different frequency.  

Icke says these frequencies are comparable to radio transmitters. You can switch stations. The frequency you are used to, does not disappear, it is just that you stepped out of that frequency and tuned into a different one. If you interact with fairies, even when others don’t see them, they may exist on a different vibrational frequency than the one you are used to.

Many people have had profound interactions with fairies. Maggie says, fairies have helped people through very painful situations and great hardships. They are often companions to children who are more open to seeing them.

Just because one does not see fairies does not mean that fairies are not operating in full force in their own dimension. We are the ones lacking the perception to see them. 

Raise your frequency to their level rather than expecting them to come to yours

Anyone who can perceive beyond the five senses is to be admired not ridiculed or called insane. Communicating with nature or interacting with fairies is a great privilege. If you have done so, consider it a gift in a time when it is so crucial to transcend our five senses and experience higher realities.

Maggie believes our planet is suffering and we need the wisdom of fairies more than ever. This wisdom is a knowing, lodged in our very cells, like dreams. We have merely forgotten it. She concludes that it is something first nations (indigenous) people around the world always had. To access it, we need to connect with nature through trees, rocks, plants and fairies. If we are really lucky we will take this step which is more crucial than ever, since some human beings are hopelessly disconnected to their potential for inner wisdom. 

Finding inner wisdom is a privilege granted by interaction with nature and fairies

Get a copy of Maggie’s book here

Maggie asserts that fairies come in every size, color and personality. She says they are ever present beings, somewhat like humans. They can even be mischievous. I personally believe they operate beyond the 3rd dimension and if I don’t see them, the lack is mine, not theirs.

Maggie’s curiosity about other people’s experiences led her to write Inside the Secret Life of Fairies. She wanted to know if others had gotten the same courage to cope with life as she had, through connecting with nature.  The overwhelming response she got to her queries led her to realize that Fairies are everywhere” even in big cities. They are the bridge to the very web of life and they can heal us through their sweet interaction with nature. Their magic can set “your senses on fireto the point it becomes hyper-real”. Her first real encounter came in a big city and was, ‘electric, with vibrant hues and intense colors’

As a writer and social researcher who has held senior jobs, Maggie would seem like an unlikely person to believe in fairies. But since an early age, the natural world has sustained her and allowed her to achieve all that she has. Why should we assume we are a superior power on earth while ignoring the untapped wisdom of nature?

Maggie wants us to know fairies are there for us and are only a heartbeat away.

Fairies are totally in a state of awareness. They reside in the now. They dedicate their focus entirely to the plant, tree, or blade of grass they are caring for. They seem to live and breathe for it. To me this is a sure sign they are in the present, unlike some humans whose mind is usually wandering in the past or future.

Fairies are mindful of what they are doing and work for natural harmony

I feel that Maggie’s book prepared me for this new way of communicating and is ushering me into mindfulness itself as I prioritize my own responsibilities and seek to be present with all the details of what I’m doing in this sea of energies vibrating around me.  Nature herself is reaching out to me from a dimension more in tune with the earth and I long to transcend to that dimension. 

“Fairies are the very fabric of nature.” (Pixabay)














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