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Leona Wellington did not always want to be a teacher. In fact, she found art, theatre travel and culture more interesting than teaching.

She did, however, have a great desire to help the less privileged. Their struggles and problems resonated deeply with her because she had always felt she was less privileged, growing up in the Southwest in USA and being of Hispanic heritage on her mother’s side.

She never felt like she belonged or that she had a voice in what seemed like a white man’s world. In fact, she was so painfully self-conscious and shy that she didn’t even want to speak up during her growing years. 

Her world view changed dramatically when she moved to Costa Rica 

In the jungle village of La Virgen de Sarapiqui, she met people who had never had a chance to excel or who had been beaten down by life too young or too early. She met brilliant talented adults and students who were less privileged or in danger of falling by the wayside if nobody helped them. Even with great talent and ability they had little opportunity to better their social status.

And all they wanted was a voice in improving their future; they wanted to learn ENGLISH.

Leona had a solid education with a background in literature, poetry, theatre and all the language arts. She was also a native English speaker and knew she could help them, but she didn’t know just how to begin teaching the core components of a language they couldn’t understand.

*How could she communicate English to them?
*How could she give them the value they deserved?
*How could she help them get the jobs or status they longed for?

She didn’t know, but she knew she had to give it a try because their plight deeply resonated with her own. 

Leona Wellington began teaching English to people in the Jungles of Sarapiqui in Costa Rica.

She recalls longing for a book to show her the core elements of the language; to provide her with the most indispensable tools needed to master English? But most books did not provide the answers so she created her own materials and carefully observed what made the language tick.

Eventually she pinpointed the most fundamental structures that repeated themselves over and over in everything that could be said, read or written. She uncovered the five CORE building blocks of English and the essential tools needed to control the language. It was the birth of her international Deep Roots of English Program.

Leona Wellington shares all the background and contents of her program with you in her upcoming BOOK. which is designed to help teachers who are struggling with multiple problems in teaching ESL/EFL worldwide. 

Star village students

Leona became a mentor in the community. Through theatre for youth and children at risk, she helped raise awareness about culture and protecting the environment Her students included people of different professions, and of every age, category and status in the community as well as in the local high schools. With her Deep Roots of English Program. and teaching strategies she was able leave a lasting imprint on the community and among high school students and principals. As verified by her principal:  

 Leona used a completely new teaching approach in the high school where I was principal which was based on students’ Individual needs and her key acquisition goals. Audiovisual creations and games were used and the outcomes of the students in speaking the foreign language were obvious and verifiable. I wish right now that I could count on Leona as a teacher.

~Emilio Arias Martinez, Principal Liceo La Virgen, Costa Rica.

Leona made English doable for her students, even when they could not afford private schools or courses 

Leona with grandson during M.Ed  (TESOL) graduation

After getting her M.Ed TESL she realized that the best way to help students was by helping ESL/EFL teachers. She began teaching EFL teachers at university level in Costa Rica and later traveled around the world as an ESL/EFL teacher and teacher trainer: 

Leona has been employed as an instructor on the Professional Development Programme for school teachers of Kazakhstan arranged by Nazarbayev University, Graduate School of Education, Astana in partnership with Cambridge International Examinations, UK…she is capable of handling any situation with thoughtfulness and maturity. Her professional skills and kind-hearted manners have been demonstrated under both normal everyday practices and sometimes stressful situations as the course allocated more than 60 trainee teachers on the Programme.

Kairat Kurakbayev, PhD, Research Institute’s Director, Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan

Her passion is helping teachers with her core contents, shortcuts, tips and right brain methodologies for motivation. In doing so, she aims to preserve the lingua franca for global communication. This is demonstrated by her contributions to EFL teachers through ELTPN (British Council teacher training in Oman) and with the Foundation Institute at University of Nizwa: 

Few presenters have received such warm welcome and appreciation in the past. Teachers were so interested in the implementation of her approach and in learning more from Ms. Leona that some of them formed a group to continue meeting in subsequent weeks to further discuss her techniques. Any educational institution looking for professional development opportunities for their English teachers would be lucky to count on Ms. Leona Wellington to share her knowledge and extensive experience in language teaching.

~Mario H. Escobar, Assistant Director for Quality Management, Foundation Institute, University of Nizwa, Oman

Leona also believes in keeping English solid and accurate. A student with a strong foundation can take their language to any level they desire and avoid painful fossilization. Accuracy and precision are needed at the highest levels in the lingua franca. She says:

“It is just as easy to teach students correctly as it is to teach them incorrectly”

Her reasoning for preserving the world’s bridge language (lingua franca) is to improve interaction across the globe. Communication is a vital necessity in this time where the world seems to be shrinking and world peace is in desperate need of accurate communication. 

Her program is based on the 5 core building blocks of English. Leona moves from concrete to abstract while filling in the gaps to insure that no student is left behind. She believes that anyone who is the least bit interested will comprehend the material being covered regardless of their innate abilities, social status or proficiency levels.  

Additionally she is known for her fun, engaging and personalized teaching style which keeps students  motivated throughout the learning process. Her teaching aims to make learning a wholistic experience. She favors monitoring student progress through formative assessment to keep an eye on progress while preventing stress and test paranoia.

Download Leona’s ‘proficiency quizzes’ to determine how well your students have mastered the core roots of the language.     

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M.Ed. (TESL)
Framingham State University, Massachusetts USA

International Diploma for Teachers and Trainers (CIDTT)
Cambridge University [UK] 

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BA, Secondary Ed
Spanish/Art/Speech/Theater, Adams State University, USA

Secondary Teaching License: 0000079583
ESL/Spanish Nevada, USA

IC3 Certification
Lifelong Learning Institute, University of Nizwa, Oman

Personal/Professional Development
Dale Carnegie, Landmark Forum, Silver Training


University of Nizwa, Sultanate of Oman
Intensive English Language Program (EFL Foundation)
The Writing Center (Academic help — Students and Staff)
Lifelong Learning (Communication Skills — Staff)

Nazarbayev University, Graduate School of Education, (NUGSE), Kazakhstan
Professional Development Program (PDP) 

Universidad Internacional San Isidro Labrador, Costa Rica
EFL Teaching Methodologies
Reading Comprehension
Children’s Literature
English Pronunciation

Liceo La Virgen, Costa Rica
High School EFL
Conversational English

Colegio Yurusti, Costa Rica
High School EFL through World Literature 


Small business—eco-tourism; community outreach—exchange programs theatrical productions for environment awareness/children at risk; expert stained glass and jewelry designer; regular guest lecturer for Elder Hostel groups through: Friends for the University of Peace Program; Las Vegas Little Theatre; International Theatrical Stage Hands Union (IATSE), Las Vegas Nevada; Author of articles, plays, stories art books…


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