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You will have the INTERACTIVE Mentorship of Experienced, Highly Qualified International Trainers

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To get top marks on their exams, candidates should understand 95% of words in reading and listening and demonstrate  active vocabulary usage in writing and speaking.

This course includes 7.5, and above, IELTS Band Level Academic Vocabulary. It also employs two or more digital platforms to cover all the necessary skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening). 

Remember, mastering English to improve professional status requires:

  • A solid structural foundation
  • High level of reading and writing skills
  • Advanced listening and speaking skills

You will not only get vital academic vocabulary you need, and the confidence to use it correctly anywhere, but you can learn this vocabulary some of your favorite areas of interest!

Spaces for this course are LIMITED as you will be able to ask your trainers questions directly, and get personalized feedback. 

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  • One-month duration
  • One lesson per week
  • Ten academic vocabulary words per lesson
  • Two idioms per lesson
  • Two bonus mystery word or expression related to your theme preference
  • Total: 4 weekly lessons
  • 56 + vocabulary/idioms/bonus words
  • Amazing information about popular themes of choice
  • Custom practices to insure permanent acquisition
  • You will need internet access and a WhatsApp phone number


  • Your standard lesson will be posted on this website.
  • The real interactive lesson will be conducted on your private WhatsApp group. It will simulate a real interactive class. As such you will learn from your classmates who may comment on each others work or respond to the mentors feedback. Although you are free to make a personal inquiry when necessary, we strongly recommend you make your comments to the whole group so everyone can support and learn from each other.
  • Only constructive remarks will be allowed on the WhatsApp group chat as the group is not for criticizing other students but for helping them improve. Our input will always be constructive to help you understand the deeper sense of the language. 

Remember, when you help others, you help yourself! 

Minimum Estimated Value for this ONE month INTENSIVE course is US $99.00  

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