Rishikesh Bios; An Accident Takes Emilio From Torero to Yogi

It seems like there is a world of difference between being a bullfighter to being a yoga teacher. And for Emilio it must have been a quick turn around when he found himself injured for the third time. It marked the end of his career as a bullfighter a sad disappointment but what was in store for Emilio will take your breath away.

Why Not Consider a Traditional Arranged Marriage?

In the west we may be enamored with dazzling colorful Indian weddings but most of us would balk at having our parents arrange those weddings for us. We feel we are the best equipped to make wise decisions for our lives. Ignoring the wisdom of our elders may be reflected in our divorce rates, however...

How to Go from Being a Geeky Teacher to a Patient Leader

Language acquisition is not a matter of learning a language, it is a skill that requires practice, copious practice. This blog focuses on how to channel the practice without overdoing the instruction. Acquisition comes from knowing what has to be done to doing it repeatedly through practice. Test yourself to see if you are the geeky teacher or the patient guide?

Which Modals Made America Great in the First Place?

ESL/EFL teachers now you can teach modals and grammar through stories that model and explain what you are teaching and are also motivational for students in their lives. It's a win win situation for your students when they study tricky constructions not realizing that these may empower their lives...