Deep Roots of English


The Foundation holds the answer to all problems

Leona’s teaching program leads students through what comprises a solid foundation in English. She works from concrete to abstract by going deep into the core roots of the language which are at the hub of every sentence of clause that can be uttered. These represent four of the five building blocks of English and gradually span upward in difficulty: Leona compares climbing up this spiral to juggling balls. To become a master juggler one must first master the first ball. Each new ball must be mastered subsequently until one can juggle all the balls simultaneously. 

Juggling 5 phases of English

Juggling English!

1. Grounding
2. Being
3. Acting
4. Reflecting
5. Imagining




Each one of these building blocks has its own tools whose usage must be mastered in order to acquire a solid foundation. With this foundation, students can move onward to any level they desire.

Most errors occurring at higher levels point to lack of mastery of this foundation. Download Leona’s proficiency quizzes to determine in what areas of the foundation your students may be lacking. Needless to say the five building blocks of English along with the essential tools should be acquired during foundation.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. For this reason it is crucial for all English teachers to have a clear concept of the building blocks and tools needed by students. If students are advanced and have already passed foundation teachers can attempt to fill the gaps at whatever level students find themselves.

But teachers can only do this if they are aware of the missing structures and recognize the nature of the gap 

Additionally, students will respond favorably once they understand the concept and have the intention and perseverance to fill the gaps in their own learning, through practice.



Presentations  cover the concept of the Five Building  Blocks of English and the essential tools.

Workshops for teachers:

Workshops  provide teachers with hands on training on the specific tools and methodology for promoting language acquisition. They will know how to ground their students in the Five Building Blocks of English to insure that their students understand the concept and acquire a solid foundation in the language. 

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