What people are saying about Leona’s book, teaching platform and style: 

 Leona at MENAWCA conference, Dubai with UNizwa Writing Center peer tutors, Director, Derek O’Connell, in the back row

What colleagues, teachers and students are saying about Leona: 

As an educational professional, Leona is an advocate of providing a holistic approach to learning English for second language learners through dynamic and engaging personalized learning activities conducive to overall language acquisition.

~ Derek O’Connell Director of the Writing Center University of Nizwa, Oman

I found Leona’s book to be full of new information and her method of explaining the structures, rules and roots of the English language are essential for every English learner. I hope people from all over the world will obtain her book because of its high quality.

~ Yusuf Alimukhammad (Colleague at the Writing Center UNizwa)

 Honestly, it was such an opportunity to be one of your students. You are one of the best teachers because you make English easier to understand…You also have a unique way of communicating to your students of different ages. I would like you to be my teacher again if possible!

~Thabit Said Saayid Al-Fazari, Accountant-Finance UNizwa and a member of Leona’s Communications Course for Life Long Institute

The idea of her teaching model really speaks to the universal properties of all languages. I love the four verb families as they are accurate, very helpful for the learner, and sum up the English language helping verbs.

~ Jilani Warsi, Ph.D, Associate Professor at Queens College, New York

I liked when you used teaching materials on a white board, such as the (magnetic) tools for the verb families you asked students to put in the right place in a sentence. Encouraging us to do presentations, and explaining to us the guidelines of presentations, helped us to improve our English.

~ Hamed Issa Alsalmi—Head of IT programming department, University of Nizwa (member of Communications Course — Lifelong Learning Institute)

I find your presentations of the book very refreshing and innovative, you mentioned its main purpose was to bring a breath of new hope to those involved in teaching ESL/EFL. I believe you accomplished your purpose in a very colorful, realistic and humorous way. Your imagination is awesome, and the personification of language as a tree makes it easier to comprehend. Your book makes a boring subject capable of acquiring a vivacious, interesting life of its own.

~ Leda Gill, MA in Literature, University of Illinois

Leona actively utilizes left and right brain modalities to learn and teach. Having a strong background in teaching different subjects in various countries, she is also a professional actor and puppeteer. As charismatic as she is passionate and thorough, any student or fellow learner who has the good fortune to meet Leona will never forget the experience.

~ Milton B. Knutson, Author Ph.D, French, Spanish Literature , University of Arizona

Having studied Leona’s book with its revolutionary approach, I am convinced that her base principles of English can easily be acquired while bypassing much of the tedious grammar presented in other methods. She makes her students’ lives so much easier, and learning so much fun! Thank you, Leona for presenting this wonderful work to ESL/EFL teachers and students around the world.

~ Dr. Syed Rizwan PhD, communication trainer, Lucknow, India

Leona’s enthusiasm, energy and good will demonstrates on the intellectual as well as the professional level how to deal with and surmount the challenges and unexpected situations that arise within the context of a public education system. Her humanity as will as her congeniality allows her to make the best of whatever social milieu she finds herself in. As a teacher, Leona needs no recommendation since anyone who meets her immediately recognizes both her personal and professional abilities.

~ Don Emilio Arias Martinez, High School Principal, Liceo La Virgen, Costa Rica

Leona is a very interactive teacher who motivates students to study and search on their own. She also gives them lots of activities to improve their language skills. In addition, she is able to understand each student’s way of learning and aligns herself to their way in order to help them reach their learning goals.

~ Humaid Al Salmi Lifelong Learning staff, University of Nizwa

Leona is not only gifted in ESL/EFL but in other spheres such as linguistics, art and psychology. She has a magnanimous personality and turns the teaching learning process into a magical enjoyable experience with excellent results. 

~Olga Chernyshova English Lecturer in Foreign Language Department, University of Nizwa, Oman

I like your style of teaching in terms of reading, writing or speaking. Your teaching helped me learn the language because you taught me the basic elements to the harder ones. The conversational part helped me in terms of pronouncing words and speaking in front of others. Your accent helped while I was studying at university in terms of pronunciation. I’m now using some of your teaching styles in my classes to improve my students’ language.

~ Raya Almugheiri, EFL Teacher at Ibra School for Basic Education, Sharqiya North, Oman

With you, I gained a strong basis to know what I know today, I learned a lot with you, more than what I learned in college and in high school. So I just have to say, thank you so much!

~ Esteban Barboza, Information Systems for Human Resources, Chiquita Banana Ft. Lauderdale

Receiving your course was the best I’ve ever received to help me speak the English language. After that course, I was attracted to the idea of learning English because I saw it as easy. However, I went to several places and found it wasn’t so easy to learn! I think if you had stayed here, I’d be speaking English because you made it seem simple. I honestly don’t know how you did it. But it was a brilliant method.

~ Oscar Perez Ledezma computer science teacher Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

Because all my jobs have required a second language, I’ve always been able to find work thanks to Leona’s teaching. I also had the opportunity to go to the States as a Rotary exchange student, which was a life changing experience. Thank you, Leona, for helping me not only academically but in every single way you could. I’ve not had another opportunity like that one with her. But one thing I know, if I ever have the opportunity to help someone (like she did me), I will!

~ Yazmín Menjivar Miranda, English Teacher at Liberty Christian Academy Costa Rica.

What I remember about the English course was a home, I used to go to Leona’s house as if it were my house, it was not boring, we never did the same thing twice. We would watch movies, sing songs that I still have in my memory like The Gambler (on a warm summer’s evening) It was fun and I remember Leona explaining the difference between pronouncing ‘b’ and ‘v’, making faces and strange sounds and she didn’t stop doing it until the 3 of us pronounced correctly.

~ Merilyn Rodriguez Murillo, agriculture/livestock teacher, Santa Clara High School, Costa Rica

Now that I am a teacher I think of you often and I am so thankful for everything you did for me. You really inspired me in my love for languages and cultures, which led me to where I am now. So many kids (now adults) from Sarapiqui have become successful individuals because you believed in us. I hope I can see you again one day.

~ Lorna Fair, Tham Spanish Teacher, Marietta, Georgia

I’m so happy every day I meet people who tell me that I speak fluent English even if I know I’m still learning. I always tell them that I had a great English teacher who encouraged me to practice and learn. So Leona, I’ll never stop thanking you!

~ Adan Serrano Quesada, freelance whitewater instructor, Costa Rica

Once for our university English class the electricity was gone. Leona bought candles and held class anyway. She was my best teacher and always managed to get the most participation out of each student. Thank you for all your encouragement!

~ Veronica Campos English teacher, Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

I learned from Leona’s unique style of teaching, her way of dealing with students, and her smile every time I met her challenges. She promotes all the activities that have the same relation, and prevents conversations from being scattered. She knows how to motivate success and avoid failure. Because I really loved her process of writing essays, I tried again and again to write better each time. She is really concerned about instilling the love of reading because my community doesn’t motivate reading too much

~ Maya Almugheiri, English teacher, Alalbab School for Basic Education, Ibra, Oman.

I am very grateful to Ms. Leona who taught me from her heart without ever being boring, and helped me ‘think in English’. I thank her for all her help with my final year project.

~ Hanan Sulaiyam Said Al Shekaili 

It’s rare to come across such a talented teacher like Leona Wellington. I had the pleasure of meeting her at the Writing Center where she helped and guided me to finish the thesis for my M.Ed. (TESOL) I was particularly impressed by her ability to help me edit effortlessly as well as improve my self-esteem and work hard and honestly to be successful.

~Malek Nasser Al Qanoobi English teacher at Al-muthanna bin Haritha School in Oman  


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  1. Leona, for me, is an innovative person a word that describes her best. She is always searching for new knowledge and helping people to learn English or whatever other things they need. Her abilities lead her to always try to help people.

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